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Formulation and shortcomings of flotation oil

The ore dressing agent-flotation oil has become an important agent in the beneficiation work. The storage is to be waterproof, anti-exposure and fireproof. It is mainly used as a foaming agent in beneficiation, which is characterized by a reddish oily liquid and no solid impurities. It is a foaming agent for flotation of non-metallic minerals such as apatite, graphite and talc. So what is the formula for the flotation oil?

There are zinc, iron and a lot of chemical elements in the flotation oil. In the process of flotation oil preparation, it is necessary to grasp the proportion of various components and the time of addition. The commonly used preparation methods are: preparing into aqueous solution, adding solvent, emulsification, saponification, formulating suspension or emulsion. , acidification, stock solution addition, etc., the specific method choice, different manufacturers will choose according to customer needs.

Flotation oil

What is the formula for flotation oil? Our mineral processing pharmacy manufacturers will introduce these to you briefly. The specific information of the flotation oil industry can be kept in focus. The surface active substances of flotation oil are various monohydric alcohol traits, of which the eosin oily liquid will It has some slight harm to the human body, so it is necessary to do protective work when using it.

Flotation oil is a yellow to brown oily liquid, slightly soluble in water, its density is smaller than water, has a certain pungent odor, the main component is pine oil, and pine oil is organic, so more or Less harmful to the human body, but the harm is not particularly large, when you use it, you will be fine if you pay more attention.

Flotation oil

If the flotation oil is harmful to the body, there are generally two reasons: one is to work in the long-term, to contact with the flotation oil, and at the time of work, there is no protective measures; another reason is that the flotation oil Excessive doses can cause harm to the human body. Among them, the harm caused by overdose is often easily overlooked.

If the amount of flotation oil is too large, it will not only affect the flotation effect, but also reduce the efficiency of flotation, and it will also bring certain harm to the worker's body. Long-term exposure may cause high sulfur content in the body, affecting the oxidation process of the cells, and in severe cases, may cause hypoxia in the cell tissue.

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