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What should I pay attention to when selecting flotation oil?

Flotation method is a kind of beneficiation method which is widely used in the selection of gold. It is a method to select the ore by applying the difference in physical and chemical properties of mineral appearance. When recovering a variety of useful minerals in ore, the process of successive flotation of different minerals is called preferential flotation or flotation; first, all the useful minerals are floated out and then separated, and the mixture is called flotation. Industrial consumption must be based on the nature of the ore and the request for the product, using different prescriptions and flotation processes.

Flotation oil is a foaming agent in the process of flotation beneficiation. Its function is to increase the difference in hydrophobicity between mineral particles and the solidity of minerals adhering to the bubbles. The flotation oil not only affects the quantity and quality of the bubbles in the mineral flotation, but also affects the contact between the mineral particles, and in the foam layer, the hydrophobic mineral particles and the hydrophilic mineral particles adhering to the bubbles can be separated.

According to the characteristics of different types of ore, flotation oil also has a variety of product types with different chemical ratios. Commonly used flotation foaming agents are pine oil, cresol oil, terpineol (Floating oil No. 2), isobutyl methyl carbitol, methyl pentanol, triethyl butane (Floating oil No. 4), Sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate, sodium alkyl sulfate, polyethylene glycol ether, polypropylene glycol ether, and the like.

Flotation oils with different chemical properties have different effects on ore, so you should pay attention to the selection of suitable foaming agents when flotation of different minerals.

In addition, the addition and concentration ratio of flotation oil will also affect the flotation efficiency, so the selection and addition can not be careless.

The above is Xiaobian for everyone to simply share the selection of flotation oil, I hope to help you, Yantai Junbang Mineral Processing Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mineral processing chemicals, providing a variety of mineral processing chemicals, welcome to inquire.