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Determination of the content of butylammonium black drug in mine wastewater

By analyzing and comparing the ultraviolet spectrophotometry, pyrite color-visible spectrophotometry, copper reagent color-visible spectrophotometry, three methods for the determination of butyl ammonium black drug, it is found that the ultraviolet spectrophotometry is highly susceptible to coexisting impurity ions. The interference seriously affects the measurement results. While the pyrite color-visible spectrophotometry can determine the concentration of butylammonium black drug, under the condition of coexistence of zinc ions, the interference is very large, and the normal measurement cannot be performed, and the ferrous solution (o-phenanthroline) ) Seeing light is unstable and easy to decompose. Next are two methods of measurement:

1. Ultraviolet spectrophotometry: Prepare a certain concentration of butyl ammonium black drug solution, pour it into a 1cm cuvette, and use an ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer to scan the absorption spectrum in the wavelength range of 200~280nm to determine the peak. After the waveform is consistent, the absorbance at the absorption peak position is measured.

2, copper reagent color development - visible spectrophotometry: in a 125ml separatory funnel, add 10ml of known concentration of butyl ammonium black drug solution, and then continue to add 3ml copper sulfate solution, 10ml buffer, add distilled water to replenish the solution volume (so that The total volume of the solution was 30 ml), and then 10 ml of toluene was added; after shaking for two minutes, the aqueous phase was drained, and 20 ml of distilled water was mixed with 10 ml of buffer for washing; after washing twice, 1.0 ml of copper reagent was added to the organic phase in the separatory funnel. Shake well, let stand for 1 min, then let go of the aqueous phase, take out the organic phase, and add 2 g of anhydrous sodium sulfate to the organic phase. Then, the organic phase was poured into a 1 cm cuvette, and the absorption spectrum was scanned by an ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer in the wavelength range of 380 to 600 nm, and the absorbance of the absorption peak position was determined after the peak and waveform were determined to be uniform.

Butyl ammonium black medicine is a relatively good collector and foaming agent used in the past 20 years. Its scientific name is dihydrocarbyl dithiophosphate. The selectivity of butyl ammonium black medicine is better than that of yellow, and its properties are stable and not easy to deteriorate. Practice has proved that, in particular, butyl ammonium black medicine, it is an effective collector of flotation gold minerals, which can greatly improve the recovery rate of gold and silver.