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How to store butyl xanthate

Xanthate is a commonly used collector for flotation sulfide minerals such as galena, sassafras, sphalerite, pyrite, natural gold, natural silver, mercury, malachite, etc. There are ethyl xanthate, butyl xanthate, amyl xanthate and the like. The xanthate having a carbon number of 4 in the hydrocarbon group is collectively referred to as a low-grade xanthate, and the xanthate having a carbon number of 4 or more is collectively referred to as a high-grade xanthate. In order to make the xanthate fully effective, the following aspects should be noted when using and storing:

1. The butyl xanthate is used as much as possible in the alkaline pulp. Because butyl xanthate is easily dissociated in water, hydrolysis and decomposition can occur. If some conditions need to be used in acidic pulp, high-grade xanthate should be used because advanced xanthate decomposes more slowly in acidic pulp than lower-grade xanthate. Then add as many medicines as possible.

2, butyl xanthate solution should be used with the distribution, do not match too much at a time, not to use hot water. In the production site, butyl xanthate is generally formulated into a 1% aqueous solution. Because xanthate is easy to hydrolyze and decompose, it is not necessary to allocate too much at one time. Can not be used with hot water, because butyl xanthate will decompose faster when exposed to heat.

3. In order to prevent the decomposition of butyl xanthate, it should be stored in a sealed manner to prevent contact with humid air and water. It should be stored in a dry, cool and well ventilated place. Don't be too hot to pay attention to fire.

The above is the precautions for the use and storage of butyl xanthate. The dosage and use environment during the use of butyl xanthate are the key factors affecting the efficacy of butyl xanthate. Proper storage of butyl xanthate is also essential to ensure its function. Yantai Junbang Mineral Processing Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mineral processing chemicals. It can provide a variety of mineral processing chemicals including yellow medicine series, black medicine series, sulfur nitrogen series, foaming agent series, flotation oil series and other high quality conventional products. Welcome to call us. advisory.