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The relationship between aquatic plants and the pollution of butyl ammonium

In order to use the related techniques of phytoremediation to control beneficiation, organic chemicals contaminated land and water bodies, three kinds of aquatic plants were planted in the nutrient solution with different concentrations of butylammonium black medicine , and the growth environment contaminated by butylammonium black drug was discussed. Response, repair, and dynamics. The experimental results show that the order of tolerance of different plants to the contamination of butyl ammonium black drug is Hydrilla verticillata, water hyacinth and water lotus.

When the mass concentration of butylammonium black drug was 10 mg/l, the water lily rose to show mild toxic symptoms, and its growth rate was significantly lower than that without the addition of butylammonium black drug. When the pollution quality was 50 mg/l, both water lily and water hyacinth showed moderate symptoms, and the growth amount showed lower than that without the addition of butylammonium black.

The treatment of each plant showed a higher removal rate for the butylammonium black drug than the no-butylammonium black drug, and there was a significant difference in the treatment of each plant. The order of size is water hyacinth > water floating lotus > impeller Hydrilla verticillata. The water hyacinth can effectively remove the butyl ammonium black drug in the aqueous solution, and the removal efficiency of the butyl ammonium black drug with a mass concentration of 10 mg/l can be 78% in the water culture for 28 days, and the removal of the butyl ammonium black drug In the process, the water hyacinth absorption and degradation station 76.3%, of which microorganisms accounted for 7.8%, while the contribution rate of natural degradation accounted for 15.8%, the water hyacinth can be screened for high-efficiency repair plants contaminated with butyl ammonium black drug.

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