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The importance of rationally adding ethyl sulphide

We all know that ethyl sulphide is often added as a dilute solution. Take the flotation effect of ethyl sulphide nitrogen in relation to the concentration of ethyl sulphide. Facts have proved that good products are used in good condition, and if they are used improperly, they will be extremely counterproductive.

In addition, the way and order of addition of ethyl sulphide have a certain effect on the effect. Therefore, we must understand and understand the materials or items before they can be used. This will not spread the resources, but will also better complete the flocculation work and prevent it from happening. Generally, when the molecular weight is the same, the larger the molecular weight, the larger the sedimentation rate. The above departments, my company as a personal summary, if you are helpful, very excited. Generally, the effective flotation can be ensured at a lower dosage, and the excessive use of ethyl sulphide will cause the effect of the minerals to be poor. The amount of ethyl sulphide is much less than that of the flotation oil. The appropriate dosage should be considered. The details can also be determined through experiments. Most of the order of addition is to first add a dispersant or other capture agent, and then add a flotation agent. If the same sedimentation rate is used for comparison, the larger the individual molecular weight, the smaller the amount can be.

In addition, when adding ethyl sulphide, it is necessary to control the stirring strength. Because of the long chain length of ethylene sulphide, it cannot withstand strong shearing, and it is easy to cause fracture, causing degradation of ethanesulfide and nitrogen, and redispersing the suspension.

We understand the basics of ethane-sulfur-nitrogen function, but we must also understand the fairness of ethylene-sulfur nitrogen. It is necessary to improve the effect of ethyl sulphide and its flotation effect due to the fair addition and application. When the amount exceeds the optimum concentration, the sedimentation rate of the mineral is reduced, and the redispersibility of the particles is promoted. Consideration should be given to batch addition or stepwise dilution addition. Moderate mixing is based on no turbulence. The harvesting agent can be added to the mineral system in advance. Zibo Huixiang Mining Building Materials Factory, as the largest producer of ethyl sulphide in the country, we recommend our products to you, not to tell you that not all things are more or better.