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Method for storing mineral processing chemicals

Whether it is the ore dressing agent in the oil depot or the beneficiation agent in the storage tank of the production workshop, it is necessary to strengthen the measurement management, establish and improve the system of the shifting inventory, and reduce the loss. In addition, fire protection, explosion protection and protection for the storage and use of mineral processing chemicals are required. Please follow along with Xiaobian to learn!

All electrical facilities between the grease store and the shop grease need to meet the explosion-proof requirements to avoid electric sparks caused by leakage. When the consumption of mineral processing chemicals is large, it is necessary to set up a grease storage at a location away from the fire source outside the main building and convenient for transportation. According to the supply and delivery of the goods, a sufficient amount of flotation agent is stored. Explosive and flammable materials shall not be piled up in and around the oil depot and the workshop grease; no smoking or fire shall be allowed; no electric welding or gas welding operations shall be carried out without the approval of the fire department and the adoption of reliable fire prevention measures. When conveying the flotation agent or cleaning the storage tank, the flotation agent spilled on the outside of the tank or on the floor should be wiped clean in time; the oil residue released when cleaning the storage tank should be removed in time.

Foaming agents are highly volatile and have a certain odor, which will stimulate the respiratory system and skin to varying degrees. Therefore, it is important to use hygienic protection when using flotation agents. For this reason, when contacting or handling irritating flotation agents, try to wear latex gloves and, if necessary, wear protective glasses. When the body is stained with corrosive or highly irritating flotation agents, it should be washed immediately to avoid burning the skin. Grease storage, workshop grease and flotation workshop should ensure good ventilation to reduce the stimulation of volatile flotation agent on the human body. Reducing the volatile concentration of flotation agent in the air is also a requirement for fire protection work.

The above is the content introduction of this method of mineral processing pharmacy storage. I hope this introduction will help you to use mineral processing pharmacy. If you have any other questions about mineral processing pharmacy, please feel free to contact us.


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