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Flotation oil workflow

What mineral processing? It is a process that physically or chemically separates useful minerals from unwanted minerals (usually gangues) or harmful minerals in mineral raw materials, or separates many useful minerals. It is called mineral processing. The general workflow of the flotation oil introduced by the flotation reagent manufacturer is as follows:


A 500-1500 mm section of the 5-25 mm particle size was obtained. The crushing method is broken, broken, split, and the like.

2. Grinding

Grinding and impact are the primary methods of grinding a crushed product to a size of 10-300 microns. The grinding size is different, mainly based on the particle size of the useful minerals in the ore and the separation method used. Grinding operations have high energy consumption and generally account for about half of the total energy consumption of mineral processing.

3. Screening and grading

According to the size of the mesh holes on the sieve surface, the materials are divided into different sizes and divided into sieves. It is usually used to process materials that are relatively large in size. The materials are divided into different grades depending on the rate of settling of the particles in the medium (usually water). This process is called grading and is used for smaller sized materials.

4. Washing

In order to prevent the mud in the shale mineral raw material from clogging the crushing and screening equipment, it is necessary to carry out washing at this time. If the raw material contains soluble, useful or harmful ingredients, it should also be cleaned. Washing can be carried out in a scrubber or screening and grading equipment.

Flotation oil manufacturers remind you that the purpose of flotation oil work is to enrich the useful components in minerals, effectively reduce fuel consumption and transportation consumption during smelting or other processing, and enable low-grade ore to be used economically.