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T-Au gold collector
T-Au gold collector
T-Au gold collector

T-Au gold collector

Properties: light yellow to dark brown liquid, slightly irritating odor Use: The collector contains a plurality of polar group functional groups of bonded atoms, and exhibits a special affinity for precious metal minerals such as gold and silver. Especially for the flotation effect of fine-grained gold-silver ore and partially oxidized gold-silver ore, the flotation of high-sulfur partially oxidized gold-silver ore is more conducive to improving the taste of concentrate.
The collector has both foaming properties, and the raw liquid can be directly used in the grinding process.

Packing: plastic drum packaging, net weight 200kg per barrel
Storage and transportation: waterproof, anti-exposure, fireproof, can not be placed or inverted.

Note: This product is alkaline and has damage to the skin. Rubber gloves and goggles should be used when opening the barrel. If it is accidentally stuck to the skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If the circumstances are serious, seek medical advice.

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