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Sodium humate
Sodium humate
Sodium humate

Sodium humate is an amorphous particle of black. It is non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive and highly soluble in water.

Sodium humate is a multi-functional macromolecular organic weak sodium salt which is processed by special process of weathered coal, peat and lignite. Its structure is relatively complicated. It is known that humic acid molecules contain benzene ring. The fused ring and some heterocyclic rings (such as pyrrole, furan, anthracene, etc.) have a bridging bond between the aromatic rings, and various functional groups on the aromatic ring, mainly carboxyl group, phenol group, hydroxyl group, methoxy group. , 醌基, etc. Sodium humate is mainly used as a regulator in beneficiation, which has a strong inhibitory effect on hematite, limonite and magnetite, and is sometimes used as an inhibitor of copper and lead separation.

Its content is generally 50%-60%, up to 80% or more.