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Float oil No. 2
Float oil No. 2
Float oil No. 2

Brand: Q1-02

Main ingredients: various monohydric alcohols and other ether ester compounds.

Properties: light yellow oily liquid, density ρ20 is 0.85-0.95g/ml, slightly soluble in water.

Uses: No. 2 flotation oil is widely used in flotation operations, mainly used for flotation of various colored and ferrous metal ores and flotation of various non-metallic minerals. The foam of No. 2 oil is foamed compared with other foaming agents. more stable.


Various monol content (%) ≥

Gifted class


First level


Second level


Packing: Packed in iron drums, the net weight of each drum is 180kg.

Storage: waterproof, anti-exposure, fireproof.

Precautions: Use rubber gloves, masks and goggles when opening the barrel and use. If it is accidentally stuck to the skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

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