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Grade: Z-200

Main ingredients: (CH 3)2CHOC(S)NHC2H5

Molecular weight: 147.25

Grade: Industrial products

Properties: light yellow oily liquid with a slightly pungent odor.

Specific gravity: D420=0.990-0.994

Hard to dissolve in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, benzene and petroleum ether.

Viscosity (20 ° C): 5.56 centipoise

Uses: Excellent collector for non-ferrous metal sulfide ore. It has excellent selectivity and special sorting effect on ores such as molybdenum sulfide, lead sulfide, zinc sulfide and copper sulfide.

The ester dressing agent is an excellent collector for non-ferrous metal sulfide ore, mainly including two series of thiourethane and xanthate. There are three main types of thiourethane agents, one is N-alkyl-O-alkyl thiourethane series, the representative product is Z-200; the other is N-allyl-O-alkyl thiourethane. Its representative product is allyl isobutyl thiourethane; the third is N - alkoxycarbonyl-O-alkyl thiourethane series, its representative product is ethoxycarbonyl isobutyl thiourethane and butoxycarbonyl butyl butyl Thiocarbamate.




Ethyl thiourethane content%


Isopropyl alcohol content%


Packing: 200 liter plastic drum, net weight 200 kg per drum.


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