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Ethylenediamine phosphate
Ethylenediamine phosphate
Ethylenediamine phosphate

Properties: The agent is a kind of flotation agent for some refractory copper oxide ore. The appearance is white or yellowish white fine crystal, odorless, stable in nature, long-term preservation and soluble in water. The modifier has the ability to dissolve copper oxide minerals such as malachite and chrysocolla to form a purple diethylenediamine complex on the surface, which is the nature of the activation.

Uses: This agent is most suitable for the activation of difficult-to-float chrysocolla, and as an activator, it can be well floated by xanthate without vulcanization.

The agent is also very suitable for the high-sludge refractory copper oxide ore. The addition of the agent can reduce the damage of the slime to the beneficial copper minerals, and also reduce the adsorption amount and adsorption speed of the slime to the flotation agent.

Indicator: 95% of the active ingredient in the beneficiation.

Packing: in bags or drums. The net weight of each bag or drum is 50kg, and it can also be packed according to other specifications.

Note: This product is weakly corrosive and irritating to the skin. Rubber gloves and goggles should be used when unpacking. If you accidentally stick to your skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.