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The Jinlingling Collector is a special collector for floating gold developed by Yantai Junbang Mineral Processing Co., Ltd. on the basis of absorbing the advantages of similar high-efficiency collectors abroad.
The collector contains a plurality of polar group functional groups of a bonding atom type, can form a stable chelate with metal ions on the surface of gold and silver minerals, is not easily desorbed, and its hydrocarbon group is hydrophobic, so it exhibits to metal minerals such as gold and silver. It has a special collecting effect; its adsorption amount on pyrite is small, and it is easy to be absorbed by hydrolysis, so the collection of pyrite is weak.
It also shows good collection effect on carbon-containing, arsenic-containing minerals, fine particles and slightly oxidized gold and silver minerals. Moreover, the collector has both foaming properties, and the raw liquid can be directly used by adding the grinding and floating process. If used together with other collectors, it can achieve better flotation.