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323 foaming agent
323 foaming agent
323 foaming agent

Brand: Q1-323

Main ingredients: C8-C12 isomerized monohydric or dihydric alcohol.

Character: Light yellowish green or brownish red viscous translucent liquid.

Uses: 323 foaming agent is mainly used for colored and rare metal flotation foaming agent. It has stable performance, strong foaming ability, fast flotation speed, strong adaptability to ore, solid foam layer, easy operation and no stimulation. Sexual odor, non-toxic, is conducive to improving the environment and reducing the advantages of pollution.




Density ρ20, g/cm3


Boiling range (1.01×105Pa, 120-310°C)≥


Hydroxyl value mgKOH/g


Packing: Packed in iron drums with a net weight of 180 kg per drum.

Storage: waterproof, anti-exposure, fireproof.

Precautions: Rubber gloves, masks and goggles should be used when opening the barrel and when using it. If it is accidentally stuck to the skin or eyes, rinse it with plenty of water immediately.

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