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Ethyl sulfide
Ethyl sulfide
Ethyl sulfide

Brand: B1-101

Molecular formula: (C2H5) 2NCSSNa·3H2O

Properties: white or light gray loose crystal or powder, soluble in water.

Uses: Ethyl sulfide is an ideal flotation agent for Cu.Pb.Zn.Sb and other metal sulfides. It is less than xanthate and black drug. It is better than yellow for polymetallic sulfide ore. Medicines and black medicines are also used for metal smelting and purification, and are used as vulcanization accelerators in the rubber industry.

Specifications: in line with YS/T270-94 standard


First grade

Second grade product

Sodium diethyldithiocarbamate trihydrate, %



Free base%, ≤



Packing: drum, net weight 40Kg per drum, other packaging forms and specifications can be used according to user needs.

Storage: moisture-proof, heat-proof, and must not be mixed with acid substances.

The above is about the sulfur-sulfur nitrogen manufacturer, which is better than the sulfur-sulfur nitrogen price.


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