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Y-89 yellow medicine
Y-89 yellow medicine
Y-89 yellow medicine

Structural formula: RO-CSSNa

Properties: orange powder, odorless, no odor, soluble in water, the liquid can be formulated into an aqueous solution of less than 10%, clear and transparent without precipitation and slag. The Y89 series products are the same as the yellow medicine, which is very convenient.

Uses: This series of products is a highly efficient new type of xanthate collector. The product replaces the commonly used xanthate to select copper ore, single gold ore, polymetallic gold ore, sulfide ore and copper oxide ore with associated gold. It has strong harvesting ability, good selectivity, low consumption, low toxicity, especially for oxidation rate. The refractory ore with high, large amount of mud and secondary minerals has more obvious effects. The product has formed more than ten kinds of series products, and the best model products can be selected for different mineral ores.



First grade

Qualified product

Mineral processing active substance%≥



Free base%≤




Light yellow or orange powder, no mechanical impurities

Packing: Packed or bagged, the net weight of each drum is 100kg or 150kg, and the net weight of each bag is 50kg. Other packaging forms and specifications are also available depending on the needs of the user.
Storage and transportation: moisture, heat and fire.
Note: This product is powdery, has a weak alkaline, and is irritating to the skin. Rubber gloves, dust masks and goggles should be used for opening and use. Take care to prevent inhalation of dust. If it is accidentally stuck to the skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If the circumstances are serious, seek medical advice.